Push Beyond Limits at SOFLO Ninja Academy

Adult Classes

Our class schedule runs throughout the week, with sessions available in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

What To Look Forward Too

Adult Classes

SOFLO Ninja Academy, we offer a diverse range of classes designed to cater to ninjas of all ages. Our structured, fun, and challenging classes are designed to promote physical fitness, develop key life skills, and awaken the ninja within every participant.

Teen/Adult Ninja

Our Teen/Adult Ninja class is designed for individuals aged 13 and up, providing an exciting platform to engage in fitness through challenging obstacle courses and stimulating activities. In this class, participants work on improving their balance, strength, and agility in a dynamic and supportive environment. Beyond physical skills, this class also emphasizes developing key life skills such as perseverance, focus, and problem-solving. With opportunities to achieve personal goals and boost self-esteem, this class offers a fulfilling experience for teens and adults looking to embrace a healthy and active lifestyle.

OCR Class

Our OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) class is a thrilling blend of physical and mental challenges, designed for participants aged 13 and up. This class incorporates a variety of obstacles alongside calisthenics and functional fitness exercises, offering a comprehensive training experience that prepares you for any obstacle course race. Whether you’re aiming to compete in renowned races like Spartan Race or simply looking to enhance your physical capabilities, our OCR class provides the tools and training you need. Participants will tackle climbing, crawling, and balancing challenges, all while building strength, agility, and endurance. It’s the perfect way to test your limits and train alongside others who share your passion for pushing boundaries and achieving new heights in physical fitness​.

SOFLO Ninja Academy has a classes for every age and stage. Join us and let’s embark on this exciting ninja journey together!

Your first class at SOFLO Ninja Academy will be an exciting introduction to the world of ninja fitness. We'll start with a warm-up, followed by an overview of the basic movements and safety instructions. From there, you'll get to try out various obstacles under the guidance of our experienced instructors.

Comfort is key. We recommend wearing athletic clothing that you can easily move in, such as shorts or leggings and a comfortable t-shirt. For footwear, athletic shoes with good grip are best. Please avoid loose clothing or jewelry that could get caught on equipment.

Picture of Coach: Vinnie Castranova
Coach: Vinnie Castranova

Also known as the “Plumbing Ninja” Vinnie is a 5x veteran on the hit tv show American Ninja Warrior and has over 8 years of ninja warrior experience.

Picture of Coach: Rj Roman
Coach: Rj Roman

Our Head coach Rj Roman is a 6x American ninja warrior veteran dedicated to helping others grow to their full potential and being an amazing inspiration to fans all across the world.

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All-Age Appeal

Why You Should Join Us

Join a Community Focused on Strength, Inside and Out

At SOFLO Ninja Academy, we’re not just training bodies, but nurturing minds and spirits, creating warriors ready to face the world with confidence, resilience, and a warrior’s heart.

Enhance Resilience

Learn techniques to bounce back from setbacks, both on the training floor and in life.

Promote Mindfulness

Engage in practices that boost concentration, calmness, and clarity of thought.

Cultivate Positivity

Build a positive mindset that transforms challenges into opportunities for growth.

Foster Community Support

Connect with a network of like-minded individuals who encourage and uplift one another.