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About Us

About Us

Shoot Up Endurance with Soflo Ninja Academy

Soflo Ninja Academy, we are deeply passionate about the power of movement and the transformative effect it can have on people’s lives.

Looking to increase your endurance and improve your overall fitness? Soflo Ninja Academy has got you covered!

Our story began with a group of fitness professionals and enthusiasts who shared not only a passion for physical wellness but also an admiration for the spirit of the American Ninja Warrior.

We saw in this show a unique combination of strength, agility, perseverance, and fun that we wanted to bring to our community.

Meet the coach

Great runners are not born but created

Our team, comprising passionate fitness professionals and fans of American Ninja Warrior, is the heart and soul of Soflo Ninja Academy. We bring a wealth of experience, a love of teaching, and a commitment to fostering a positive and motivating atmosphere. Our instructors are here to guide, encourage, and celebrate every step of your ninja journey.

Vinnie Castranova


Rj Roman


Our Facility and Team

Our world-class facility is equipped with a variety of obstacles and training equipment designed to mimic the challenges seen on American Ninja Warrior. From swinging ropes to climbing walls, every piece of our academy is designed to provide a unique fitness experience that promotes strength, agility, and confidence.

Our Vision

Soflo Ninja Academy, our vision is to redefine fitness through innovative, engaging, and inclusive programs inspired by the challenges of American Ninja Warrior. We strive to become a leading fitness hub, where people of all ages and fitness levels can unlock their physical potential, boost their self-confidence, and foster a lifelong passion for movement and personal growth.

Our Mission

Our mission at Soflo Ninja Academy is to provide a fun, safe, and empowering environment where our members can challenge their physical limits, build resilience, and cultivate key life skills. We are committed to:

All-Age Appeal

Why You Should Join Us

Join A Supportive, Like-Minded Community

Channel your inner ninja as you navigate our world-class obstacle courses, increasing your strength, flexibility, and agility while having an absolute blast!

Innovative Fitness

Transform tedious workouts into fun challenges with our courses!

Community Spirit

Meet and grow with fitness enthusiasts at Soflo Ninja Academy.

All-Age Appeal

Soflo Ninja Academy welcomes all ages to become ninjas!

Good Vibe.

Join our positive and supportive academy community today.

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